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Online Dispute Resolution

Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) provides people in dispute with tools to help them settle online, without going to court. provides a secure and voluntary ODR platform. You can use the ODR platform before filing a Notice of Claim in Provincial Court or once you have started a court case. is an informational website and not the Small Claims Registry. Opening a case with ODR is not the same as filing a claim with the Small Claims Court. Filing a case with ODR does not stop the limitation period for your matter.

How it Works



Tell Us About Your Case

Create a secure account, then tell us: What is your dispute about? Who is involved? How much is the claim?



Defendant Responds

We will use the email address you provide to invite the defendant to respond to the claim.



Negotiate Online

Send messages to each other and explain your position. Upload evidence to support your case.



Settle the Dispute

Use the platform to create a legal agreement – include payment terms and what happens if terms are not met.

Get Started

What if the defendant doesn’t respond?

Unfortunately the online dispute resolution (ODR) case is closed if they do not respond within 2 weeks. ODR is a completely voluntary process and we cannot force parties to use it. Moving forward you may wish to continue exploring settlement options such as mediation or negotiations. Failing settlement if you still wish to continue you can file a Notice of Claim (F1) with the court registry. Here is some basic information on how to start a claim.

What if I got the wrong contact email for the defendant?

Unfortunately to ensure the security of the platform an online dispute resolution (ODR) claim cannot be edited. It would be best to create another new claim with the correct contact information.

Can I edit my claim after I submitted it?

Unfortunately to ensure the security of the platform an online dispute resolution (ODR) claim cannot be edited. You do have the option of creating another new claim. Alternatively if the other party has come to the platform you might be able to simply explain the changes in your claim.

It says pending on the status of my claim what does that mean?

If the status is pending this means the other party has not accepted the invitation to participate in the ODR process. Since the ODR process is completely voluntary the other party may not participate. They have 14 days to accept before the case automatically closes. If this happens you can either explore other settlement options or start a claim at the provincial court.

The status says “incomplete”. What do I do?

If the status is incomplete there is some missing information you must provide before your claim will be submitted. Click on "incomplete" and make sure to fill in all the red stared areas.