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This website provides people in dispute with tools to help them settle online, without going to court. provides a secure Online Dispute Resolution web application. Similar technology is used by Ebay each year to settle more than 60 million disputes online. It’s fast. It’s free. It works!

Resolve your dispute without spending time and money on a trial. On average, it takes 14 months to get a trial decision in BC Small Claims Court. Save hundreds of dollars in court fees and reach a settlement within one month. Negotiate with the other party online. It’s easier, faster and more convenient.

Almost 90% of Small Claims Court cases settle before going to trial. If your case does not settle, you can still pursue the matter in court. Get started now.

How it Works


Tell Us About Your Case

Create a secure account, then tell us: What is your dispute about? Who is involved? How much is the claim?


Defendant Responds

We will use the email address you provide to invite the defendant to respond to the claim.


Negotiate Online

Send messages to each other and explain your position. Upload evidence to support your case.


Settle the Dispute

Use the platform to create a legal agreement – include payment terms and what happens if terms are not met.

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